Driving Past

We explore two of the region’s classic car clubs. Come along for the ride.

Ever since the invention of the internal combustion engine, people have had a love affair with cars. Today, there are hundreds of car and motoring clubs, associations and breakaway groups across Australia; networks of like-minded people sharing their experiences and passion. Most people who buy classic cars want to show them to the world and local groups are no different.

The Newcastle Restored Vehicle Club Inc (NRVC), sometimes known as the Restorers, has been around since late 1984, when Mike Gallagher, a keen restorer of old cars, and some of his mates decided to start a car club. Thirty five people came to the first meeting, but today the club has 126 members. It holds meetings on the first Tuesday of every month, and a club run is held on the following Sunday. A popular midweek run generally takes place on the third Wednesday of the month. NRVC operates under the control of the Council of Heritage Motor Clubs NSW Inc and cars must be 30-years-old to qualify for Historic Registration Plates.

The Central Coast Antique and Classic Motor Club (CCACMC) is the oldest car club on the Central Coast. It began in 1970 when the late Bob Robinson advertised for interested people to form a Central Coast branch of the Sydney ACMC. Starting with a group of 28, including Ron Allmey and Peter Foster, who are still active today, it currently has 47 members. Frank Donaldson has been the President of the club since 1995. In the past, Frank restored a 1954 FJ Holden and a 1929 Chevrolet sedan. He now has a 1940 Chevrolet and a 1958 VW. “It is an unrestored original; a beautiful, little, eye-catching beetle that draws a lot of attention on outings and static displays,” he said.
To contact CCACMC, phone Frank Donaldson on 0428 326 073 or
Peter Asquith on 0417 678 975
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Story: Maxine Throll
Photography: Courtesy of CCACMC and NRVC