Mark Langford from Langford Windows in Cardiff shares his top 5 tips for getting windows right in your home

1. Aesthetics: You need the correct type of window or door for the type of home you are planning.
2. The correct wind rating: The Hunter offers wonderful locations with extraordinary views. But the windows need to suit the area and be able to cope with extreme conditions.
3. Function versus form: We can achieve cross flow ventilation with strategically placed opening windows or doors without detracting from the intended appearance.
4. Basix compliance for thermal comfort along with acoustic performance: New technology allows us to control heat loads and minimize sound so that the home truly is the haven.
5. Clever building details: Water leak problems with windows are one of the major building issues reported and yet the vast majority of these relate to the installation not the windows. We offer a design service to ensure the integrity of good design flows from start to finish.