Life in general

The price of milk, bread and eggs has changed a lot in 100 years. So has the way you pay for it. But one thing that hasn’t changed in that time at the Vacy General Store, is the country hospitality and value of the store as a central hub for the local community. The little general store in the small village between Paterson and Gresford has been consistently trading for 100 years.

Current owners Jo and Ian Muncaster are proud to be the custodians of the popular store as it surpasses this milestone. “It’s a real community asset and we love being part of it,” says Ian. “People meet here every day; they sit and chat, they have a coffee and catch up. It is such an integral part of this village and plays an important role in the daily life of the community. “We have tried to really honour its heritage, to enhance the country store feel and retain historical features where possible and build on that theme.”

The Vacy General Store provides important services that are vital to the functioning of the village: Post Office, bank teller, groceries, newspapers, deliveries to a local cobbler for boot repairs, and even fuel from the very old retro bowser out the front. But it’s the new additions, introduced by Jo and Ian that have really brought the shop a new lease on life. Country clothing, gift ware, local produce and arts and crafts all aim to provide something extra for locals and also the growing tourist market. “We’ve owned the store now for nearly three years. When we stopped running the local pub, we knew we wanted to stay working in the community. We knew the store had a lot of potential and we wanted to bring it back to life,” says Jo. “We saw so many opportunities here and are so thankful that the community and visitors are supporting our vision and enjoying what we have on offer.”

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