Upper Hunter heaven

Since the early-to-mid 1800s, rich, alluvial soils and a vast seam of coal have been attracting settlers, pastoralists and miners to the bucolic landscapes surrounding the Hunter River, 200km north-west of Sydney. But while agriculture and coal mining have long been the economic backbone of this flourishing rural region, these days there are plenty of other elements inspiring a visit to Singleton and surrounds.

From award-winning wineries and fine dining restaurants, to heritage architecture and luxury accommodation, Singleton provides a gateway to the many attractions of the Upper Hunter, with plenty of surprises just waiting to be unearthed. Founded by English immigrant Benjamin Singleton in the early 1820s, the region was renowned for its fertile soils, with agriculture dominating the landscape and the local industry for many years. Singleton’s central location on the New England Highway makes it a great base for exploring the attractions of the wider Upper Hunter, including its natural assets. With a water storage capacity about half the size of Sydney Harbour and fish stocks that include Australian bass, golden perch and silver perch, Lake St Clair (30 minutes north of Singleton) is a mecca for fishing and boating lovers. Wollemi, Yengo, Towarri and Barrington Tops national parks provide countless hikes, camping grounds, lookouts, waterways and mountain bike trails for outdoor enthusiasts to explore.

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Story by Michelle Meehan