A place where magic happens

The Options Theatre Training Company is a creative initiative of Options Disability Support, who have been working to support people with a disability across the Central Coast for almost 25 years. It is a living, breathing company of creatives, actors, technicians, musicians, directors, dancers and artists who also happen to be people with a disability. Its first class performing arts facility creates new opportunities for adults with a disability to learn, create and perform while training under the guidance of qualified and experienced arts industry professionals.

Along with drama classes, the Company also offers a variety of creative workshops and an opportunity to participate in a range of ‘hands on’ programs including dance, music, photography, film making, creative writing and design. These programs promote learning, confidence, creativity and mobility. There is also the opportunity for serious aspiring actors to be part of drama productions and to audition for the Australian National Academy of Disability Arts Group (ANADA). ANADA is for the serious actor who wishes to be a pioneer on the new frontier of disability arts emerging in Australia.

The Company’s Artistic Director, Stuart Smith and Musical Director, Andrew Sampford, produce live shows that inspire and delight and are often sold out. On 20 September 2019, the Laycock Theatre will showcase ‘Clash at Titan High’.

Further information can be found at optionstheatrecompany.org.au or by calling (02) 4340 5155