Environmental Conservation at Scarborough Park

A new residential development near Morisset, Scarborough Park, is attempting to reconcile additional development with environmental conservation and protection. Developer Jetan Pty Ltd have removed a variety of common weeds from 6.6 ha (16 acres) of natural bushland and dedicated it as Public Reserve.

In addition, to replace the habitat trees that had to be removed to make way for roads and underground services, Jetan has installed 24 nest boxes in the existing trees within the proposed Public Reserve. These nest boxes are of various sizes and are specifically designed to provide habitat for barn owls, wood ducks, possums, squirrel gliders, feather tail gliders, galahs, small parrots, tree creepers and micro bats. To date, the nest boxes have been occupied by brush tail possums, ring tail possums and wood ducks.

In addition, each purchaser of a block in “Scarborough Park” will receive a landscaping book entitled “Birdscaping Your Garden” by landscape architect, George Adams. The book offers a wealth of information about what to plant to provide habitat and foraging for our native birds and animals. It also contains tips about providing your own nest boxes, feeders, etc.

“Scarborough Park” comprises 50 residential allotments varying in size from 495 sqm to 777 sqm and range in price from $285,000 to $340,000. It is 2 minutes from the Morisset CBD, railway station, schools, medical facilities and business houses.