Room for everyone!

Robert and Jennifer turned a modest beach house on the Central Coast into a heavenly holiday home that’s perfect for all the family… including their 10 grandchildren.

Beachside homes with a northerly aspect are rare on the Central Coast. But this house at Pearl Beach has even more to offer: facing north, it sits behind a headland that keeps the often stiff easterly winds at bay and protects the beach, making it a perfect place for a swim in calm ocean waters. It is one of just six houses in the area that have this perfect trifecta of location, orientation and protection.

Robert and Jennifer had been looking to buy the property next door when this house came on the market and while Jennifer would have been happy to keep it as it was, Robert had other plans: “I was prepared to buy it provided we could really make it our own. The house was built in the 1970s so a number of people have owned it and it went through various iterations. A couple of owners ago, something close to Hamptons style was introduced. We like that style, but we wanted to do it our own way and make it perfect for us.” “In the end, we kept the bones, but we replaced the roof and flooring, added skylights and changed the floorplan to open up the main living area and increase the size of the kitchen. We also redid the driveway and the landscaping.”

However, Robert reveals that the biggest challenge was the electrical wiring. “There were a lot of issues and it was basically an accident waiting to happen and we had to completely rewire the home. There were various other challenges, but in the end it all came together.”

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Story Cornelia Schulze, photography Mike Bell, Rawlife Studios