Soul sister

Essential oils helped Kez Lucas through difficult times. Now she is helping others with her natural oils and beauty products.

It’s often said that life can change in an instant. And while for Kez Lucas the beginning of a new life was, shall we say, a little less dramatic, little did she know almost two years ago that she would now be running a growing business that is fast becoming in high demand. It was an interest in essential oils that first sparked the beginning of Relaxed Souls. Suffering with health and anxiety issues, Kez was given an ‘easy air’ oil that she found helped at challenging times. “It really started with that oil, it reminded me to breathe, and it seemed to really help,” says Kez. Eager to find out more about how essential oils can contribute to better health and well-being, she and her mum signed up to a ‘make and take class’ in essential oils that ignited the spark and gave way to a burgeoning home business. “It was my mum that suggested I could blend oils for myself at home and perhaps help other people we knew that were having issues with stress, or sleep and even pain.

Growth by word of mouth

“It really was that simple, I signed up and ordered a pack of oils and began researching, experimenting and mixing. “At first I was giving them to friends and it just started to grow really quickly. Everyone loved it and kept coming back for more or telling other people about what I was doing.” Since her impulse decision, there’s been plenty of signs to suggest that she is on to something. She is almost through her Diploma in Aromatherapy, and has gleaned 100% results to date. The business keeps growing and she has been a finalist at both the Hunter Business Awards (in the sole trader category) and at the “AusMumpreneur Awards”, presented by The AusMumpreneur Network. The awards recognise Australian mums in business achieving outstanding success in areas such as business excellence, product development, customer service and digital innovation.

Secret fans
“I’m not sure who nominates me for these things, in fact I wasn’t really aware of the various awards, but it is nice to think people think highly enough of what I’m doing and feel I deserve to be there,” she says. She’s also launched a website, has a loyal band of Facebook advocates for her products and sells at local markets twice a week. More recently, Kez has succumbed to ongoing demands from local retailers eager to stock her oils, bath salts, soaps and other products and is now in a few select stockists in Morpeth (Hyde & Silk) and Charli and Lenni Boutique in Toronto.

While she seems surprised by the success of the business, Kez is quickly earning a reputation as a young woman that can. As a mum to three young girls and the brains and brawn behind her rapidly expanding empire she literally takes care of everything from trying new blends, filtering local beeswax for products, printing labels and managing all enquiries and orders. From the early days of oils, she has expanded the Relaxed Souls range to encompass crystals, charcoal-based beauty products, natural moisturisers and magnesium oil.

If someone asks, she responds. “Much of the way the business has grown has been because people have messaged me to ask if I can help them. “So many friends have children with eczema using steroid creams full of pretty harsh stuff. I’ve now developed a cream with no toxins that so many mums say is the answer they have been looking for.”

Her desire to help people is undoubtedly the driving force for the venture and her passion for sourcing local products and toxic free ingredients is clear. “I can’t see it dying down because there is so much want and need for it. But I guess I’m going to go with the flow and see where it takes me.” It’s an attitude that might suggest just how the business name Relaxed Souls came to be and perfectly sums up this humble and hardworking young lady.

For more information go to or find Kez at the Sunday markets in Maitland or Singleton.

Story by Lesley Horsburgh

This story is part of the Summer issue of Hunter&Coastal Lifestyle Magazine.