Making memories

This multi-award winning home in Soldiers Point may be the owners’ sanctuary but it’s also the perfect place for them to revisit the beach adventures of their past and make new memories.

Both Kerrilin and her husband fondly remember spending their summer holidays in Shoal Bay and have been regularly visiting the area from Sydney at the weekends. So when they noticed a waterfront cottage for sale in Soldiers Point they saw it as the perfect opportunity to make new memories of beachside holidays with their three daughters. “It was a gorgeous little cottage,” smiles Kerrilin, “and we initially planned to renovate it. However, we kept running into issues and eventually just had to face the reality that a renovation wasn’t going to give us what we wanted.”

The couple spent time in Noosa and had always admired the work of architect Chris Clout. “His designs are striking and often show an Asian influence, which we really like. Our house in Sydney has some Balinese features and I lived in Japan for several years. We wanted the light and airy aspects of a Hampton-style beach house but we also wanted a bit of a twist and felt Chris would be perfect.

“We were very lucky that he agreed to design the house because he’s based in Queensland and designing it from afar was a bit of a challenge. He did some site visits and took plenty of photos to make sure he captured the benefits and challenges of a location right on the water.” They were also fortunate to find builder and Soldiers Point local Sean Richards. Kerrilin says, “We looked at some of his projects and felt the attention to detail in his work was second to none.”

Unique design

The intrigue begins at the façade of this five bedroom, four bathroom home, where a roller door to the double garage integrates seamlessly with the cladding, making it almost invisible. By contrast, the cabana-style roof on this side of the house is unusual and eye-catching. The distinct feature panels on the upper, right hand side look like wood but are aluminium.

“We chose a grey/blue tone to introduce another accent to the predominantly white and breezy colour scheme,” says Kerrilin of this exterior feature

“It’s just such a stunning kitchen with so many details that make it really special. We finalised all the colours and finishes with the client and the builder and added a few GJ Morgan Kitchen touches along the way,” says Michelle Manning, Director and Certified Kitchen Designer from GJ Morgan Kitchens.

The area is filled with spectacular features: the award-winning kitchen sets the stage for sweeping views over the bay, the high ceiling of the main living room adds a dramatic accent and the pool beckons for a quick dip on a hot summer day. It’s easy to miss the vast marble tiles behind the wall-mounted TV and around a built-in gas fireplace that would be a statement feature in any other home.

The light fixtures throughout the house are unique and the result of much Pinterest research by Kerrilin. But the three pendant lights in the main living area are particularly stunning. “I wanted something soft and breezy,” she says. “They remind me of flowers and I feel that somehow they add a sense of time.” The kitchen is usually referred to as the heart of any home. In this house, it is hard to decide whether this title should be awarded to the kitchen or the pool.

“We initially discussed having the pool on the waterfront, but it can be quite windy so we decided on a courtyard with a pool at its centre.” Chris adds “The centre courtyard pool is definitely a standout feature. Placed in the centre of the house it creates and adds views to rooms that didn’t have any.” Kerrilin particularly enjoys the Bisazza pool tiles. “They had to be manufactured in Italy and air freighted to Australia, but I just love their deep blue colour,” she enthuses.

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Story Cornelia Schulze, photography Jérôme Treize, Atélier Photography