Behind the Seen

Non-profit group Behind The Seen work with emergency service personnel across Australia raising awareness of mental health issues related to their work. The group was started in 2013 by Ross Beckley, a decorated veteran firefighter with 21 years’ experience, who knows first-hand the effects traumatic incidents can have on first responders, and his partner Veronique Moseley, a social worker. Behind the Seen engages with local and national emergency services communities, lobbies for policy change and design and implements programs to improve the mental health and wellbeing of emergency services personnel and their families.

Workshops are run by Ross and Veronique in emergency services workplaces across Australia and range from two hours to full day sessions, depending on requirements. They take a “back to basics” approach, utilising lived experience to encourage meaningful conversations in the workplace and at home with families.

In addition to workshops, and presenting at national mental health conferences, a variety of activities are undertaken. In January volunteers were busy preparing and sending out STRESS LESS CONVERSATION PACKS to first responders affected by fires around Australia.

Included in the packs are posters that describe levels of stress (and when to seek help) in simple terms, developed by the Centre for Rural and Regional Mental Health and adapted to suit first responders by Behind The Seen. They also contain a stress meter, a deck of question cards to encourage conversations around stress and some coasters.

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