Creating a five star experience

Residential, commercial or industrial, here’s your cleaning needs sorted. Hoby Butchart started his cleaning business, 4Seasons Property Detailing, in 2004 and he clearly loves his job. “I’m in this for the long run,” he says. “I love my owners and my homes. We have worked with a lot of our clients for a long time. We have seen the kids grow up and leave for uni, we know their pets and it’s almost like a friendship.

“Yet, we have the utmost respect for our clients’ private spaces. Besides being professional and delivering great results, there are the little things like taking our shoes off, no smoking and swearing and no loud music on site.

“We always strive to go the extra mile and provide our clients with a five-star experience.”

Hoby and his team provide both residential and commercial cleaning services in Newcastle and throughout the Hunter. He has also worked with Sydney based clients but is currently focusing on expanding his local business, yet without ever compromising the level of personal service he has become known for. Most of his new clients come to him through recommendation from his existing customer base:

“I’m a huge believer in word-of-mouth, and we are proudly built on referrals. We started working with property owners at The Vintage a while ago and are now cleaning more than 40 properties there, both holiday homes and for owner occupiers,” he says.

4Seasons also provides cleaning services for real estate clients. While the work may be slightly different, one thing doesn’t change: the level of respect for a person’s home. “It’s the clients’ castle and we want the owners to feel like kings and queens in their home,” Hoby smiles. Working for high profile clients like Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley Resort or on the McCloy Group’s Telstra Civic building, 4Seasons have shown their versatility and expertise on commercial projects. “We aim to be the region’s top cleaning provider in both the commercial and residential sector,“ Hoby says.

When he is not waving his magic (cleaning) wand, he loves going bush or to get out his mountain bike. Permaculture work is a particular passion of his and he even has his own, self-funded foundation, The Food Forest, through which he supports work on farms and also dedicates his own time, tools and knowledge. Passionate about giving back to the community, his latest project is a 38-foot school bus he has converted to a motorhome, re-painted by local artists: “I want to use the bus to draw awareness to mental health issues,” he says. “It will be a bus with a message, not just a bus to live in.”

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