Remembering Pete

Pete Cameron would be proud of his family. The Newcastle family rallied friends and loved ones in Pete’s memory, ultimately donating more than $22,000 towards clinical trials at Calvary Mater Newcastle, the region’s main centre for cancer care and research. In the process, they also raised valuable public awareness about the importance of clinical trials in cancer care.

“You know the drugs you take have been tested but it just never occurred to us it was tested on people, on volunteers, until we were part of it,” said eldest daughter Megan Baird, who spearheaded the campaign. “It’s the only way drugs make it to market and make a difference in the world.”

“Dad was diagnosed with an aggressive form of kidney cancer and given six months to live. He died 18 months later. In Dad’s case it wasn’t a cure, but it was such precious time for him and for us.”

The hospital’s Medical Oncology Clinical Trial Unit has been involved in pivotal work resulting in new treatment options for people with a range of cancers, from breast and bowel cancer to supportive care of patients receiving chemotherapy.

“We are fortunate and grateful to have tremendous support in the community from people such as Pete’s family who want to help us continue to help others,” said unit manager Kim Adler, who was named Calvary Mater Newcastle’s 2019 Staff Member of the Year.

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