Black and Wright

Black and Wright was founded by Newcastle residents Ed Wright and Jess Black in early 2020. Both professional writers, they are also experts at running creative writing workshops for kids and adults. Ed and Jess have both been teaching writing for more than 20 years.

Spending time in schools, they had many conversations with educators who said they benefited from listening in to their workshops with the kids. Many confided that narrative was an area they often felt a lack of confidence in teaching. As a result of this, Black and Wright was born.

Black and Wright’s approach is that students need practical, achievable blocks of teaching that allow them to fully understand the process of story craft and to have fun while doing so. They train educators to teach kids in bite-sized chunks. This allows students to achieve throughout the narrative writing process, from asking the kinds of questions that lead to great plots and characters, as well as learning how to craft compelling sentences.

A Practical Approach to Teaching Narrative Writing is a one-day workshop that contributes 5.5 hours to a teacher’s professional development. At present Black and Wright are offering workshops in their studio in Wickham, Newcastle, but they are open to holding workshops anywhere. They have a particular affinity with regional schools and teachers.

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