Boost Your Place: community grants from the City of Newcastle

City of Newcastle is offering between $1,000 and $4,000 to help turn your ideas into worthy actions.

The aim of the Boost Your Place placemaking grant is to encourage and support community members to stay socially connected or reconnect, online or in real places. Some ideas could include organising an online community festival or information sharing session or workshop, planting activities, public art or music making, but it’s not limited to this! Be creative – how can you Boost Your Place?

Here’s your chance to apply for grant funding to Boost Your Place AND as an added bonus, earn Lean in Newy reward points to redeem at local businesses to show your support locally while it’s needed.

How to apply?

Being public grant funding, there are Terms & Conditions we must tell you about and these can be found in our Guidelines.

Download the Lean in Newy app and complete the challenge in the Lean in Newy app  by submitting an application – have fun making a short video pitch of how you can Boost Your Place!