Got Your Back Sista (GYBS)

GYBS certainly lives up to its name. Melissa Histon founded the Newcastle-based charity in 2016 to empower women to thrive in life, free from domestic violence. It can take a woman, on average, seven times to successfully leave a violent home.

However, if she receives help to rebuild her life it is much more likely that she will thrive in her new life. GYBS has specifically designed its programs for lifelong impact. The Begin Again program assists families by providing new furniture, whitegoods, household and personal items to enrich their new homes.

The Rise Up and Thrive, Stand Tall Sista and Empowerment Circle programs are in place to ensure that women and children can reach their full potential free from domestic violence. This year GYBS is building on its previous Say No to Domestic Violence community campaign with a roll-out of practical self-defence and healthy relationship programs to selected high schools across the region.

Join the GYBS community of supporters by volunteering at their high-end Op Shop which enables its programs of support.

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