Lifestyle Pilates & Rehabilitation Studio

Anita Delbridge Goswell was looking for rehabilitation options for her own back injury when she discovered the Pilates Method. “I had tried all sorts of interventions,” she says. “From physiotherapy and massage, to ceasing physical activity and cortisone injections into my spine, but with no success. I literally experienced relief with my back pain after my first Pilates session. I was already working in the fitness and health industry and felt that becoming a Pilates instructor would empower me to help others with injury prevention and rehabilitation. The beauty of Pilates is if you have an experienced instructor who gives you the right Pilates exercises, anyone and everyone can benefit from the method.”

Anita went on to establish the first commercial Pilates studio in Newcastle, in 2002. She specialises in injury rehabilitation, with each client having their own individual program tailored to their needs. The sessions are conducted on specialised Pilates equipment, adjustable for all fitness levels.

All staff hold a Diploma in the Pilates Method, with Anita, and other staff also being Exercise Physiologists specialising in musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

The studio is a family-run business that prides itself in creating a caring and supportive environment that also makes exercising a fun experience. An extensive COVID-19 safety plan is in place with the premises large enough to comply with all social distancing rules.

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