Path2Change is a grassroots organisation working with youth aged 15 to 24 years, who are at risk of, or are homeless in our region.

They offer early intervention programs to help them sustain or access equal opportunities in education and employment.

COVID-19 has presented very challenging circumstances for the youth they work with. As businesses and organisations went into shutdown, and TAFE went online, many of them had either no computer to complete school, online training, or internet connection to start new courses.

This had flow-on effects as it created social isolation, an increase in mental health issues, or disengaging from their studies and facing challenges of sustaining or gaining employment to support themselves in a decreasing job market.

Recent support from City of Newcastle’s ‘Boost Our City’ grant enabled Path2Change to offer the ‘Empower Me’ Life Skills Program, focusing on helping youth build their strengths and capabilities, through the development of foundational life skills, and develop resilience through practical solutions to challenges they are currently facing. The program has the capacity to help youth access the technology they need to attend the course and continue to access online learning opportunities or look for employment.

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