The food destination that will have you wanting Moor

It’s the cafe on the corner, the one where the baristas know your names and coffee order. The cafe where you can find something interesting to eat, and it’s always tasty and fresh, no matter what time of day. Moor Newcastle East is one of those great eateries where you can go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, for coffee and cake, grab some goodies to go or pick up a takeaway meal and flat white on your way to work.

Local chefs Graham Sincock and Shane Brunt took ownership and opened the doors in March 2015 and the cafe has earned a loyal clientele and solid reputation ever since. The menu focuses on seasonality and freshness, and as the name suggests, with a sprinkling of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours.

It’s an all-day affair, so you can order anything from the menu at any time, but there are distinct breakfast go-tos that you’ll want to start your day with.

Their classic bacon and egg roll benefits from the addition of melted cheese and the crisp coolness of iceberg lettuce to add a crunch with each bite. The milk bun is soft and chewy, and smoky barbecue sauce is squirted on generously enough for the drips to mingle with the runny yolk. It’s the ultimate night-after-a-big-one remedy.

Shakshuka – soft baked eggs – come in a bowl of rich spiced tomato sauce which you mop up with their piping hot pita bread. The Bombay breakfast of sautéed cauliflower and potato with curry leaf, coconut, poached egg and roti is also a popular way to start your day. The coloured rice porridge with macadamia praline is warming and soothing, as well as filling, and be sure to check out the specials board for a daily treat – the French toast with rhubarb, raspberries, chocolate crumb and rose cream is worth the detour from the regulars.

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