Colour for life

Have you ever struggled with getting a paint colour just so? Have you been hunting for a pot of paint that perfectly matches your preferred hue of blue, green or – even more difficult – the ‘right white’ to complement your carefully chosen interiors?

The new Coloursmith app from Taubmans may be the answer. It allows you to create your own paint colour from an image, from physical objects or surfaces. You can even name it and virtually paint a selection of three-dimensional rooms before ordering a sample pot. Once you are satisfied that you have created the perfect shade, all you need to do is place your order and whip out the brushes.

“There is a QR code created for every custom colour that allows us to re-create that exact same paint colour, time and again. We can even keep a colour on file for our customers, just in case they lose their phone or forget their web login details or can’t access the QR code for any reason,” says David Simpson, owner of the Bristol Paint Stores in the Hunter region.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the paint business, David loves the sophistication of the colour matching that Coloursmith can provide.

“Colour matching can be tricky as different lighting has a huge impact. But this app gives you as close a match as I’ve ever seen. For our stores, we have invested in Coloursmith Readers. These are professional tools that allow us to take the colour captured on a customer’s phone to an even higher level, creating the ultimate, exact match,” he says.

The Coloursmith app is available from Google Play and the Apple App store.