More than just a place for coffee

Estabar has become part of the Newcastle landscape, and we are all the better for it.

When Estabar first opened back in 2004, the only items on the menu were coffee, pastries and gelato. Owner Bec Bowie wanted to model her new cafe on those in Barcelona: simple, laidback and with knockout coffee.
While her regulars loved the flat whites, they were keen for a little more sustenance, so she began adding more food to the menu.

First toast with condiments and then bit-by-bit, over the years, she’s ended up with the current offering. But don’t expect that to be set in stone. You see, the wonderful thing about Estabar is its ability to change with the seasons, with the produce available, the environment, the world in which we live, all the while doing it with a smile on their faces. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve been through tough times – Supercars, light rail and building development all meant road closures for extended periods of time, blocking access and disrupting operations. And now another hurdle in the form of a global pandemic. But in true Estabar style, they pulled up their socks and faced it with optimism and grit, transforming into your neighbourhood all-rounder: cafe, takeaway, corner store.

Perfect for early birds

Situated on Shortland Esplanade overlooking Newcastle Beach, it’s a firm favourite of East End locals, surfers and beach walkers. Early morning breakfasts from the window bench are the best seats in town and opening at 6.30am means you’ll catch that magical time right before the world gets too busy. Estabar offers an all-day menu, perfect for breakfast or lunch or for snacks in between.

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Story by Judith Whitfield, photography courtesy of Lee Illfield