Upper Hunter Valley – Wildlife Aid

Wildlife Aid is a small organisation in the Upper Hunter Valley, run completely by a team of dedicated volunteers who assist Australia’s native fauna in between their jobs, families and personal lives. Every year they receive thousands of calls to assist injured, orphaned, sick or displaced native animals.

Two of those animals include eastern grey joeys, Cain and Mitchel who were orphaned after each of their mothers were killed on local roads and cared for by Robyn, an independent carer, until they were ready to be released.

These two little guys have a beautiful relationship and are inseparable. Cain is adventurous, but you will always see Mitchel following close behind him. On their first days in their release enclosure Mitchel constantly needed to be touching Cain for reassurance.

The two refused to sleep in their own pouches, preferring to share one, no matter how much the other got squished. As with most kangaroos their love and connection to one another was very apparent. Kangaroos are mob animals so the orphans need to be grouped together when they are old enough to be released back into the wild.

Cain and Mitchel have recently been successfully released by carer Jo, on a Singleton property with five other little eastern grey orphaned joeys.