Warners Bay – Community Gardening

Every Wednesday a dedicated team of volunteers arrives at the Warners Bay Community Garden, a two-acre parcel of land in the northern sector of Bunya Park allocated to them by Lake Macquarie Council in 2014.

The majority of community gardens are fenced, and the produce grown is for members only. However, this garden is different. There are no fences and the public are welcome to stroll through and sample the seasonal fruit and vegetables. The only rule is: pick a little and leave a lot.

Families wander through and the children love the joy of picking a ripe strawberry, smelling the herbs, and tasting a pea or a bean fresh off the vine. It’s an educational experience for all and a delight listening to parents. There are lots of gardening questions asked and answered. People can see elevated and non-elevated garden beds. Soon there will be wicking beds and a “how to build” workshop on offer.

Garden members ages range from eight to over 90 and it is a very inclusive group. New and experienced gardeners come together to share their knowledge and the pleasure of watching delicious veggies grow.

This is community at its best. Friendships are forged, food, recipes, plant seeds, cuttings, books and magazines are shared and discussed. It’s about sustainability, exercise, friendship, support and acceptance.

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