Facial in a bottle

I wanted to offer natural skincare products that actually work, to create something that strays from the traditional toxicity and carelessness of mass-manufactured skincare products,” explains Donna Ireland, founder of award-winning Newcastle based skincare brand ANNOD.

With more than 30 years of hands-on experience in the beauty industry, she has put all her knowledge and passion into her own skincare range.
“It has brought me so much joy to see the effect that good, pure products can have on a woman’s confidence,” she says.

“Choosing the right, natural skincare regime will help you engage with your skin and be more mindful to its responses. Our products will teach you self-care in its purest form.”

Developed by skincare professionals, all ANNOD products are made in small batches from natural ingredients. Ingredients like jojoba, avocado, lavender, papaya, calendula and rosemary have been carefully chosen and used in their most potent form to ensure radiant results for all. By tapping into the active force of nature, there is no need for chemical fillers and preservatives.

The result is brighter, more lustrous and healthier skin for women of all
skin types. Try their award-winning Refreshing Basil-Rosemary Cleansing Oil, Enriching Jojoba Cream or the lush Leave-on Collagen Mask.