A member of the culture club

Pork Ewe Deli is the home of gourmet produce, and now you can join the tastiest club in town with the launch of their monthly food subscription.

It’s Friday night, it’s been a long week and you don’t have the energy for cooking. Or perhaps it’s a Saturday picnic with friends. Sunday night chillaxing? Whenever the day or reason, a platter of cheese with all the accompaniments and a glass of wine is one of those delicious indulgences we’ve all come to love.

At the heart of this easy-breezy tradition for many Novocastrians is Pork Ewe Deli. Since opening their doors in 2014, they’ve been at the forefront of providing the most luscious cheese, tastiest charcuterie and expert advice on next-level grazing.

Owner and operator Samantha Glover is the gastronome behind the deli and ensures the products in-store are a reflection of the best available from at home and abroad. Not just any old brie can be on offer.

“It’s got to taste good, pretty much,” says Samantha, explaining the selection process for in-store products. “It needs to have some provenance, perhaps from a local producer and be at the artisan end of things. It must be made with love and care, made ethically, with animals well-treated, all factored into the mix. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to taste.”

With 2020 throwing the proverbial spanner in the works for everyone, Pork Ewe had to make some adjustments to their offerings: roadside pick-ups and cancelled cooking classes were two big changes, but the good food was still available, and now foodies can join the new Pork Ewe Club to ensure they never miss out on grazing time again. You can sign up to the mouth-watering monthly membership model for a single month (The Taste Tester), for three months (The Seasonal Selection), or for a full year (The Whole Hog) and depending on the subscription you sign up for, members receive a specially-curated and themed Pork Ewe pack every month filled with cheese and other delectable goodies. Membership also includes access to exclusive offers and events, member-only tastings and store discounts.

“The idea has been brewing for a number of years. I’m ex-wine industry and so I looked at wine club models and realised we could have a lot of fun,” Samantha said.

“We run events at the store like Meet the Makers Day where providores come and we invite mailing list members to come in and taste cheeses. It’s evolved from that to be a monthly subscription. It’s still in its infancy and is really new, but our aim really is to eat, drink and
be merry.”

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By Judith Whitfield, photos courtesy of Pork Ewe Deli