Muse Kitchen

After 10 years of delivering delicious rustic bistro charm to diners at the Keith Tulloch winery, Muse Kitchen has recently opened at a second location in the lovely leafy suburb of Lorn. Restaurateur Megan Rhoades-Brown has brought her best to the table once again, creating a relaxed atmosphere and the impeccable service that Muse is known for.

Head chef Josh Gregory’s menu reflects his love of local, seasonal produce and a homely, French-inspired feel. Enjoy croque monsieurs, omelettes and delicate eggs Benedict for breakfast, quiche and ocean trout for brunch, and indulge with charcuterie boards, oysters, pork belly, sirloin and duck for lunch. Baked chocolate tart, crème brûlée and cheesecake are perfect finishing sweets, and be sure to accompany it all with a great bottle of Hunter wine.

It’s an elegant, yet friendly, dining experience, centred around breakfast, lunch and any other times in between when you just want a little something special.

Open Wed–Sun 8am–4pm, dinner on Saturdays.