Praise Joe Urban Pantry

 It’s the café on the corner that every man, woman, child and their dog loves to go to. Praise Joe is cheery, bright and pumping out top coffee and mouth-watering food.

The menu focuses on flavour and ease, served up with great skill in the kitchen. Their toasties are the best in town, hands-down: a Richard Branston has the perfect combination of ham, cheddar, pickle and Dijon; the Bacon and Egg is a best-seller with maple bacon, free range eggs and tomato chutney; the Reuben is filled with pastrami, sauerkraut, pickle, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing, plus a few chips on the side for added salt. The toast is crunchy and buttery and they are easily big enough to share. Their bakery range is worth many return visits so you can try them all with your Pablo and Rusty’s coffee.

From sausage rolls and Vegemite scrolls, to salted caramel cheesecake and brookies (a decadent brownie-cookie filled biscuit); the in-house made treats are praise-worthy indeed.

Open Mon–Sat 6am–12pm, Sundays 7am–12pm.