2NURFM – at the heart of the Hunter

Proudly having the honour of being Newcastle and the Hunter’s first FM and first community radio station, 2NURFM began broadcasting from studios at the University of Newcastle, March 17 1978.
Forty-three years on 2NURFM is stronger than ever and with a larger listening audience than ever, but we truly stand on the shoulders of the hard working and dedicated team who began the 2NURFM journey long before the transmitter fired to life and the first record began to spin.

All the technology in the world is useless without the people to use it and bring it to life and that’s where our current and past volunteers play such a pivotal role in the success of 2NURFM. As a community station, we hold a special position within the Hunter radio landscape by giving members of the community the opportunity to gain broadcasting skills and bring their voice, a community voice to their station and their community.

Having a broad range of volunteers of different ages and musical interests allows 2NURFM to provide diversity in broadcasting which is the ethos of why we are here as a community station.

Easy Listening, Country, Jazz, Classical, Folk and everything in between leaves our listeners spoiled for choice and truly entertained. Our volunteers come with a passion for radio second to none and also are passionate locals who love the area and the people. True Novocastrians. It is a cornerstone of 2NURFM that we cover as many musical genres as possible but also special interest and this is where our lifestyle programs really shine, entertain and inform. Our lifestyle shows are the perfect lunchtime companion featuring gardening, pets, health, fitness, business, finance, travel and wellbeing and offer listeners the opportunity to ring in and receive expert advice by our volunteers who love assisting them.

Apart from music and entertainment, local news is a vital part of our programming and we are proud to be aligned with the University of Newcastle Communication department and are proud to offer the news readers and journalists the opportunity to volunteer their time in a working newsroom to hone their skills and get them job ready when they finish their tenure with the University of Newcastle.

It’s with much pride that many of our students have gone on to join radio and television newsrooms locally and Australia wide and winning numerous awards. Newcastle and the Hunter has supported 2NURFM for 43 years but without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers none of this amazing radio history would have been possible and the 103.7 frequency would be silent. But it’s not only our “On Air” volunteers who play such a pivotal role in keeping 2NURFM on air but our office and promotional volunteers who really keep the wheels of 2NURFM spinning, many of these jobs our listeners would never know are being undertaken but are essential in the day-to-day operation.

Being more a family than a team quite simply put, without our fantastic volunteer team your favourite Community radio station would soon fall silent…

If you are interested in becoming part of the 2NURFM volunteer team feel free to contact us via 2nurfm.com.au or call us on 4921 5555.

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