Hunter region – Mentor Support Network (MSN)

A community-focused organisation is working quietly in the background to help young people throughout the Hunter Region achieve their educational and career goals.

MSN was established in 2003 to originally provide training, professional development and networking for mentors to assist young people studying at high school and other educational institutions such as TAFE.
Shayne Connell, MSN Chair, said the organisation has since branched out to provide educational scholarships and a refugee student educational scholarships program.

“The two types of scholarships are designed to assist young people in financial need,” said Shayne.
“We team the students with mentors who have undertaken a training program with MSN and have been seeing tremendous results.”

MSN has just conducted a successful mentor training workshop and had a wonderful attendance at presentations for both scholarships. Through the assistance of a generous group of sponsors, mentors and volunteers, MSN was able to assist 37 students at 10 Hunter Region high schools and educational institutions, and 10 refugee students studying at three high schools and a TAFE college.

“MSN is connecting experience with potential. It’s a great organisation contributing a valuable service to the community and its young people,” Shayne said.

Full details about the Mentor Support Network can be found at or on Facebook.

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