Inspired by nature – created with love

Rosy started sëafōlk to fulfil her artistic drive and to feed her creative soul which had been somewhat neglected over long work hours in a full-time job. Like many creative ventures, her journey as a small business owner began almost by accident.

She had offered to design invitations for a friend’s wedding, the happy couple and the guests loved her work and the business grew organically through word of mouth as Rosy began freelancing by creating custom wedding stationery.

Daughter Marlow was the inspiration for the Little Wildling collection, a collection of watercolour paintings where every stroke of the brush speaks emphatically of the love that went into creating it.
As Rosy began envisioning ways to grow her business, it naturally morphed from a private collection to one she was happy to share with a wider audience.

The majority of her art is in watercolour, stippling pen work and typography. “The creative process behind each piece generally begins after an inspiring bush walk or a fun day out in nature,” Rosy explains. “I’ll then set up paints in a shady corner of the garden or on the deck. When working with watercolours it’s all about stages and layers.”

In a busy house with adventurous (and sticky) hands running wild, she prefers to add the finishing touches at her dining table. “Most of the time, it’s a beautiful jumble of brushes, paints and paper,” she admits with a happy smile on her face.

Rosy, her partner Brad and four-year old Marlow live in Wickham and are looking forward to welcoming their second bub to the family. “I love what I do and just want to continue painting and creating, to grow the business whilst being able to watch our kids grow throughout their formative years and beyond,” Rosy says thoughtfully.

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