Live your life in (flawless) colour

Sage Painting’s Sean Hersee on the pearls and pitfalls of going DIY for your next paint project, and on how to select the best professionals for the job.

Sean Hersee, founder and owner of Sage Painting, one of Newcastle’s finest painting companies, is an experienced tradesman and has a long list of flawlessly completed projects to showcase his expertise and the top-notch craftsmanship of his team. While it may not be surprising that he suggests hiring a professional painter may yield better results than going DIY, he’s got valid arguments to back up his case.

“It’s a common mistake to compare apples and oranges by not including the full cost of a DIY painting job,” he explains. “Don’t just look at the cost of the paint. You will need brushes, material to prep the space and protective equipment too.”

It’s tempting to focus on selecting that perfect shade of white to complement your space. But a flawless paint job starts with meticulous planning and preparation, including priming of all surfaces to ensure that no dirt, broken walls, rotting timber or structural defects are present.

“If something isn’t quite right, a professional painter will know how to treat it promptly, ensuring a flawless finish,” Sean says.

Safety is another critical consideration. You may need to reach high ceilings or place a ladder on an uneven surface. A professional painter will have all the materials, supplies and expertise to ensure that the work is carried out safely. And should anything unforeseen happen after all, they will have the insurance to cover any damage to your home or business.

And let’s not forget that experienced painters make it look easy, but painting can be a lot harder than you imagine. “It might take you days or even weeks to finish a job. So if you are working to a deadline, hiring a pro will not only be a lot more convenient but also take out the stress,” Sean adds.

Finally, imagine the bliss of not having to clean up and finding storage space for all the equipment that you won’t need again any time soon. A professional painter will complete your project on time and leave you with a tidy, perfectly painted house minus the clean-up time.

So if you have decided to go pro rather than to DIY, how do you find the best painter for the job?
“First of all, make sure you choose a licensed tradesman,” Sean recommends. “It takes four years of extensive training to get licensed; that’s training a handyman won’t have. Also, many handymen aren’t insured, potentially putting your project at risk, so you should always check their documentation.

“Ask your friends and family for recommendations and search for reviews online. It takes quality work and commitment to maintain a five-star rating over an extended period.

“It’s also a good idea to check photos and videos of a company’s prior projects. Last but not least, ask for a money-back guarantee in writing.

“At Sage Painting, we offer a five-year warranty that your paint won’t flake, peel or blister as a result of faulty preparation or coating,” Sean says.

With so many good reasons to leave the hard yakka to the pros, why not stick with the fun part? Choose the perfect colour palette for your private oasis or business, let others do the work and look forward to a job well done.

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