A special moment

John Hunter Children’s Hospital recognises that many families look forward to not only celebrating small milestones, but also major events like the end of treatment and with this in mind, a Bravery Bell has officially been installed in its Fairy Garden. The bell is there for families and patients to celebrate milestones they consider important in their hospital journey. The bell was placed in the Fairy Garden as this is a neutral location that won’t cause distress to other families on the wards.

16-month old Archer was the first to ring the bell almost 12 months after the day he was diagnosed with cancer.

He rang the Bravery Bell together with his Mum and Dad, signifying his treatment at the Children’s Hospital in Newcastle has ended and he is in remission.

While he will continue to have follow-up appointments with his paediatric oncologist, Archer will now start to live life away from the hospital, a place he has basically known his entire life so far. Congratulations Archer!

For more information about how you can support patients like Archer at the John Hunter Children’s Hospital please visit www.hnekidshealth.nsw.gov.au or call 02 4921 4492.