Being in safe hands

Safe Hands Family Services (SHFS) aims to ensure that parents and carers feel safe and supported while navigating their way through life’s various stages, including the raising of well-adjusted, healthy, and happy children. Their focus is on holistic, mindfulness approaches, and providing a neutral, non-judgmental space for both adults and teens.

Through online and face-to-face groups and evidence-based programs, they apply a strengths-based philosophy to build self-esteem, improve on mental health and parenting outcomes, increase coping skills, encourage healthy communication, and educate on the importance of healthy relationships.

Their affordable programs are predominately provided via an online platform. There are membership options, courses, group programs, and wrap-around support in the form of counselling, parent coaching and psychoeducation.

SHFS is also available to provide tailored program packages that will suit the specific needs of a company, organisation or an individual. A person-centred organisation, they approach every client with care, and due diligence, and aim to be authentic and accessible to ensure that when people partner with them, they are in in safe hands.

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