Lions Club of Northlakes

The Lions Club of Northlakes Central Coast Inc is a specialty Lions Club for families with children and teens on the autism spectrum. Most of the 22 members are parents or grandparents of children or teens affected by the condition. The newly established club is sponsored by the Wyoming East Gosford Centennial Lions Club. Like all Lions groups, they raise funds for community projects, however their main focus is to provide opportunities for the children and teens to socialise and make friends.

Children and teens on the autism spectrum often struggle socially and can be left out or bullied because of their difficulty picking up on social cues. They can be anxious and lack confidence mixing with peers of the same age. The teens will work alongside their parents, raising funds and working in community projects.

The club plans on having monthly outings for members and their families with games, movie and social nights, craft and art activities. The monthly board meetings are mainly for the adults, to plan projects and activities, but children are welcome if needed.

The Lions Club of Northlakes is a friendly bunch of people, who just want to provide fun, social activities to help children and teens on the autism spectrum make friends.
For more information please contact Lynda Elsley on 0449 057780.