Entering a hot property market – without getting cold feet.

Newcastle’s property market is red hot and attracting owners and investors
nationwide. But how do you find the right property manager to protect your investment?

Newcastle’s property market has outperformed Sydney and most other metropolitan markets with median unit prices rising by 17 % in 2021. The trend towards regional living and investing is going from strength to strength, seemingly with no end in sight – certainly not for a coastal city as vibrant and attractive as Newcastle.

Our vacancy rates are at a record low, and supply of new apartments still falling short of the considerable demand.

Yet with so many owners and investors considering a move to regional Australia, it’s more important than ever to connect with a local expert to guide you and to take care of the challenging aspects of buying and managing an investment property; a well-connected local who knows how to attract quality tenants, what current market rents are and where to find reliable, expert tradesmen.

Especially if you are not locally based, your property manager will need to be your eyes, ears and even hands on the ground.

So how can you find that special someone who will look after the tenant as well as providing diligent service to you, the landlord. Because a happy tenant will help make for a happy landlord. Here’s a list of key questions I recommend you ask before making this crucial decision.

1 Experience: How long have you been a property manager?
Here at Bonvilla we have over 50 years of experience as a team. Our team member with the least experience has been in the business for 11 years.
2 Size: How many properties do you manage as a company?
Be mindful that an agency that looks after many properties may not have enough time to devote to managing YOUR property. Here at Bonvilla, service is paramount.
3 Staff resources: How many properties does each property manager look after?
Even the best property manager will need to have enough time in their day to give you and your property quality service. Here at Bonvilla our focus is on giving each property holder excellent service and keeping the number of properties under management by each property manager to a level that can be attained.
4 Point of difference: What differentiates your services from other agencies?
Here at Bonvilla we have several areas that makes us different. You will have one point of contact.

Your property manger will be the one who shows prospective tenants your property, not a junior leasing officer. They will be the ones arranging any maintenance and repairs, keeping an eye on rent arrears, carrying out your routine inspections, conducting your ingoing and outgoing inspections.

Even from the initial appraisal appointment you will be meeting your property manager, not
a business development manager that will then pass you on to someone else.
We truly are with you every step of the way. If you would like to join our Bonvilla family, as this is how we view all our clients, please contact us.


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