It’s all about the light

As we are gearing up for the chilly season, indoor plants are a wonderful way of bringing a touch of nature inside your home, helping to boost energy and lighten the mood over the winter months. We spoke with Andrew Ferguson, nature lover and owner of East Maitland based indoor plant specialist store Love My Plants about how to select and care for your in-house greenery.

“Light is the most important consideration,” he says. “It determines how much water a plant will need and also what species of plant you should be selecting.

“My first question for our customers is always where they will position the plant and how much light it will get. “Even plants that can handle direct light need a lot of water. People are often concerned about overwatering and needing to dry soil between waterings. But a plant exposed to good bright light can easily sit in two inches of water and draw water as it needs it.”

With an impressive range of blissfully healthy indoor plants on display at Love My Plants, it’s obvious Andrew wields the ultimate green thumb. He recommends fiddle leaf figs, rubber trees and Giant Bird of Paradise for areas with direct bright light and Peace Lilies or Kentia Palms for rooms with less natural light.

And for those who are still concerned about watering, he has a solution too: “We offer fibreglass, self-watering pots with a built-in lip and water reservoir at the bottom. The plant sits suspended above the water and draws water when it needs it with a cloth wick. You won’t have to worry about over or underwatering ever again.”

“It works a treat,” Andrew adds who will set the system up for his customers in their home.
If you are not sure how to use indoor plants as part of your interior design, Love My Plants offer a home styling service through Andrew’s business partner Rachel Prest. It’s a bespoke, highly popular service with Rachel selecting the best pots and plants for each individual client’s home. “People want to decorate their homes with plants but don’t know where to start or have plants die on them, that’s where I can help,” she says.

With plant selection, delivery and installation all taken care of, enjoying lush green, tropical foliage in your home has never been easier.

Shop online at, book a styling session via Love My Plants Warehouse: 7 Kingfisher Lane, Woodberry (open by appointment)