This is how we brew it!

Australians are amongst the most avid consumers of coffee in the world with over
six billion cups being sipped nationally each year.

For many of us, a steaming hot cup of coffee is simply a way of life – a daily ritual we can’t do without. But it turns out there’s so much more to the humble cup of coffee than you might know, particularly when it comes to our local roasters! From one-of-a-kind sustainable roasting methods to family-run businesses, and even coffee that does good by giving back, Newcastle is delivering the goods when it comes to world-class coffee.

Coffee with conscience

Sprocket is born – an independent family run business forged in the industrial heart of Newcastle with a focus on minimising environmental impact at the roasting stage.
At Sprocket, sustainability isn’t just a catchphrase, but a way of life. Ethically sourced beans are roasted using an innovative fluid bed roasting technology that has been designed, patented, and manufactured locally by the Sprocket team themselves.

The roaster, which has been converted to run on alternative bioenergy products instead of fossil fuels, means end-of-life products such as spent coffee grinds are turned into fuel to power the roaster rather than ending up in landfill. Sprocket’s mission is to turn this biowaste into energy, and to raise environmental awareness, one roast at a time.

Their innovative and carbon conscious roasting technology has been recognised and highly commended at the Australian Green Glove Awards for Most Sustainable Australian Small Business, acknowledged at the Hunter Innovation Awards, and commended at the Australian Bioenergy Awards. Their blends and single origins have also won dozens of awards and medals.

With Sprocket’s roasting philosophy you can enjoy your cup of coffee knowing the beans have been roasted with passion, integrity, and commitment to delivering the best cup possible.

Josie Coffee is another small, family-run business owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Chris and Kate, founded from a passion for sourcing incredible coffees from around the world so you, the customer, can enjoy the perfect cup.

The team at Josie Coffee strive to produce the highest quality roasted coffee, using industry leading roasting and technology methods.

Josie Coffee are always on the hunt for delicious beans from around the world and are constantly refining their roasting methods.

They are also constantly refining their methods and cupping their roasts to ensure consistency and an ever-improving level of quality. Their dedication to producing superior roasted coffee has seen their wholesale program and extensive retail offering flourish.

When it comes to the beans, it’s all about sourcing green coffees that suit their style of roasting. The team select coffees that taste sweet, clean, have a pronounced and balanced acidity, and produce interesting flavours in the cup. They are passionate about finding delicious coffees from around the world, about connecting with the growers and keen to showcase the results of their hard work to their customers.

With two locations at Gateshead and Mayfield, Josie Coffee pride themselves on their premium customer service and constant drive to increase the quality of roasted coffee.
But you don’t need to visit them in-store to enjoy their beans!

They offer a subscription service with customers receiving 5% off all subscription orders. And if you’re looking to take your coffee addiction further, they also run a range of coffee courses including barista basics and latte art.

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Story by Rebekah Prendergast, photos courtesy of coffee roasters