This is how we brew it!

Australians are amongst the most avid consumers of coffee in the world with over
six billion cups being sipped nationally each year.

For many of us, a steaming hot cup of coffee is simply a way of life – a daily ritual we can’t do without. But it turns out there’s so much more to the humble cup of coffee than you might know, particularly when it comes to our local roasters! From one-of-a-kind sustainable roasting methods to family-run businesses, and even coffee that does good by giving back, Newcastle is delivering the goods when it comes to world-class coffee.

Coffee with conscience

Exercise, fresh air, and scenic views are all great ways to inspire deep conversation and fantastic ideas, and that’s exactly how MOA Coffee came about. Husband and wife team Darren and Lyndell had a desire to marry all the important things in their lives – their three daughters, their lifestyle, their adventurous souls, and their love of coffee.

Most importantly, they had a desire to create sustainable change. And so, MOA coffee was born. With a nod to adventure and a passion for giving back, MOA coffee is making a difference to our communities by empowering youth through a partnership with LifeChanger.

MOA Coffee’s production process is carbon-conscious and sustainable.

The foundation helps to maximise the potential of all young Australians
by providing the resources, skills, education, and pathways they need to develop a positive self-identity to live their best life.

Darren and Lyndell are also challenging everyday coffee consumption to make a real difference to the environment, from how the beans are sourced through sustainable supply chains, to the way they are roasted and packaged.

Their ethical, carbon-conscious, and sustainable production process reduces the environmental footprint, while their messaging, partnerships, and broader corporate collaborations also inspire meaningful change.

You too can use your daily habit to do good by signing up for an online coffee subscription that not only delivers coffee to your doorstep, but also empowers and connects communities.

But MOA isn’t the only local coffee roasting company doing good. What happens when a couple of farmers who are passionate about coffee and a greener way of producing it get together?

Sprocket is born – an independent family run business forged in the industrial heart of Newcastle with a focus on minimising environmental impact at the roasting stage.
At Sprocket, sustainability isn’t just a catchphrase, but a way of life. Ethically sourced beans are roasted using an innovative fluid bed roasting technology that has been designed, patented, and manufactured locally by the Sprocket team themselves.

The roaster, which has been converted to run on alternative bioenergy products instead of fossil fuels, means end-of-life products such as spent coffee grinds are turned into fuel to power the roaster rather than ending up in landfill. Sprocket’s mission is to turn this biowaste into energy, and to raise environmental awareness, one roast at a time.

Their innovative and carbon conscious roasting technology has been recognised and highly commended at the Australian Green Glove Awards for Most Sustainable Australian Small Business, acknowledged at the Hunter Innovation Awards, and commended at the Australian Bioenergy Awards. Their blends and single origins have also won dozens of awards and medals.

With Sprocket’s roasting philosophy you can enjoy your cup of coffee knowing the beans have been roasted with passion, integrity, and commitment to delivering the best cup possible.

Award-winning beans

Your daily coffee habit may be a simple one, and so too is the philosophy at Darks Coffee Roasters – to simply roast a better coffee. Established by friends Adam and Trent who both have extensive backgrounds in the coffee and hospitality industries, Darks delivers a no-compromise, premium quality coffee for the wholesale and retail market.

Adam and Trent from Darks Coffee Roasters deliver a premium quality coffee for the wholesale and retail market.

Using only select, speciality coffees that are hand roasted in small batches to highlight the unique qualities and attributes to each coffee, the boys work closely with their green bean suppliers to ensure the consistency and sustainability of every coffee they use. They even personally sample, cup and critique each and every coffee they roast.

Darks have an ever growing, loyal retail and wholesale customer base. Not only do they supply take-home ground coffee packs, but their beans can be found at hip inner city cafes, fine dining ‘hatted’ restaurants, and gastro-pubs. From Brokenwood and Margan wineries in the Hunter Valley, to popular Newcastle cafes like Dark Horse Wickham, Mama-P and Barista Miss, Darks enjoys a strong reputation for great coffee with a focus on people and personalities.

Since 2015 they have won more than 35 awards at the Australian International Coffee Awards for their blended and single origin coffees.

If you’re looking for a down-to-earth coffee where what you see is what you get, make sure your next cup is a Darks.

Coffee with a side of innovation

Newcastle is known for being an innovation hub, so we were stoked to find out that coffee and innovation go hand in hand at Crema Coffee Garage.

They have made it their mission to share their passion for coffee with customers by bringing them the latest and greatest in coffee innovations. They strive to make learning about coffee, and brewing coffee yourself, as easy as possible – hoping that they can make you love coffee as much as they do!

Crema Coffee Garage want to share their passion for coffee with their customers.

Starting out with roasting coffee for their own café, Crema Coffee soon became a household name known for quality, freshly roasted coffee. Their range features an array of blends and single origin coffee beans that appeal to a broad range of flavour preferences.

But at Crema, it’s not just about the beans. Aside from being a speciality coffee roaster and wholesaler, they are a coffee machine specialist and brew gear retailer, offering an extensive range of products and coffee specific services.

Their Newcastle headquarters include a roaster, showroom, and espresso bar. At a second location in Brisbane, the team at Crema Coffee Garage have their finger on the pulse of new techniques and products coming to the marketplace. They are constantly evaluating and feeding these to their clients to ensure they are up to date with the latest innovations.

Family-owned and run

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of Peaberrys, a local, family owned and operated specialist roaster and coffee supplier. The Peaberrys story began back in 2000 when owners Adrian and Debbie set up a market stall at the original Honeysuckle Growers Markets selling bags of coffee.

Check out the roasting process at Peaberrys ‘coffee cellar door.’

From there, their reputation for locally roasted, tasty coffee grew, and they started working with local cafes and espresso bars. The business has gone from strength to strength, and they now work with suppliers all over the country.

Peaberrys even have their own ‘coffee cellar door’ on Maitland Road in Islington. What looks like your standard café from the outside turns out to be so much more when you step inside.

The building, which dates back to the early 1900s and was originally a saddlery, is full of character and now acts as both café and roastery.

Taking inspiration from the wine industry, the ‘coffee cellar door’ is open plan, allowing you to see the roasting process. Sit back and enjoy your coffee while checking out the state-of-the-art roasting facility as the in-house roasting process takes place.

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Story by Rebekah Prendergast, photos courtesy of coffee roasters