Bring in the experts

Brand ambassador, interior designer Neale Whitaker (“The Block”) headlined a styling masterclass on The Hunter difference at King’s Newcastle showroom.

Joined by Textile Development Manager Sebastian Nash, Flotilla head chef Shayne Mansfield, and interior designer Naomi Findlay, Neale led a discussion on interior design trends (spoiler alert: It’s time to find your own!), sustainability and our changing attitudes towards our homes.

“We have spent more time at home than ever before, and that has had an impact,” Neale said. “We want to know where things come from and how they have been made. Good design has to serve a purpose, it has to be functional as well as beautiful. We expect versatility and sustainability in equal measure.

“I moved to a country cottage from a contemporary, very urban warehouse apartment in Sydney. We took our King furniture with us and it works beautifully in both of these very different environments. I often think we are too keen to put badges on ourselves, rather than have the confidence to say this is my style, we should just be ourselves and dare to mix things up.”

Naturally you

Naomi agreed wholeheartedly, adding “here in the Hunter, we embrace a slightly slower pace. We love for our homes to be chilled, textured, comfortable and relaxed, a mix of country and coastal.”

She also encouraged the audience to “dare to be unique, with a style that is imperfectly perfectly you. If you truly love a particular piece, you will find a way to make it work.”
Sebastian shared exciting updates on King’s colour palette and increasingly sustainable fabric range. A rich tobacco hue will complement the portfolio of spice inspired shades with rich, bolder tones of blues and greens to also be added.

“We choose our colours to reflect Australia and its gorgeous natural landscapes,” he said. “But we are now venturing into slightly more glamorous territory, colours that will work well in an inner-city apartment for example.”

With premium Hungerford Hill Wines and delicious bites from the team at Flotilla it was an event offering plenty of sustenance – for both body and mind.