Escape to a perfect sanctuary

City Cave offers a unique wellness experience for body and mind.
All you have to do is to lay back, relax and enjoy the float.

Over the last two years, we’ve all done plenty of pivoting. We have maxed out on our resilience budget, and we crave a break, to relax, unwind and recover – if only for a little while.

Cue City Cave, a complete wellness experience that allows you to do exactly that. At its core is Floatation Therapy, the experience of weightlessly floating in complete darkness, in a private plunge pool enriched with 400 kgs of Magnesium and Epsom salts, warmed perfectly to body temperature.

Being by yourself in a pitch-black space for a full hour may take a bit of getting used to but reducing sensory stimulation to a minimum has long been proven to boost creativity, improve sleep and help with muscle pain and recovery. Aside from the proven healing powers of absorbing so many minerals into your body from the water, it is relaxation in its absolute purest form. There is no need to focus or to try harder.

Simply let the mind wander aimlessly or explore the sensation of even the tiniest body movements. With literally nothing to see or pay attention to it’s the ultimate contrast to the regular daily grind.

“A lot of our clients come to us to find relief from chronic medical conditions, both physical and mental. For many, it becomes a regular part of their personal wellness routine,” says Adam Fairhurst, who has recently opened City Cave wellness centres in Mayfield and Kotara.
“Everyone is different, and we recommend that you come in and try it at least three times. On their first time, some people can find it a little bit hard to switch off. On their second float, they feel comfortable and by the third time, most people are so relaxed, they enter a state of deep relaxation and often fall asleep.

“They leave invigorated and refreshed, with a spring in their step and regularly tell us how it helps them to cope with their workload far more efficiently.” Launched in Brisbane in 2015, City Cave has transformed floating from what used to be a claustrophobic session in a narrow pod to an incredible experience of weightlessness, with all the creature comforts of a luxurious private spa.

Massage therapy and infrared saunas are also on offer to complete the indulgence. Bring a book or listen to your favourite music, relax and let the heat and light technology warm your body ever so gently. With you in control of light and temperature, a 45-minute infrared sauna session will relieve pain, increase blood circulation, relax the muscles and purify the skin. Not surprisingly, “Flaunas”, a sequence of sauna and floating are highly popular.

Customers can choose from a variety of options including discounted intro packs, memberships and even complete wellness experiences for singles or couples. Gift cards are also in high demand.

“With a calm, zen like environment and complimentary blends of our very own herbal tea and organic skincare products we offer an unrivalled experience, but at an extremely affordable price,” Adam explains. “We want floating to be available to everyone so they can all take a little time to look after their own physical and mental health and wellbeing.”
So when will you give floating a go?

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