Wow with neutrals

David Simpson, co-owner of Bristol Paints Hunter Region on how to find the perfect shade of white for your home.

Whether online or in person, we are often asked about whites and neutrals that we recommend. As some of the most versatile and easy colours to work with, we’re not surprised that many people choose these colours for their home – both interior and exterior.

When planning your colour palette, keep in mind the range of whites available to you. Cool whites provide a crisp, bright backdrop for your style. Alternatively, lean into warm, soft whites to create a cosy atmosphere in your home. Some of our most popular whites and neutral colours are Taubmans Stormy Shadow, Thin Ice, Crisp White, Cotton Sheets and Mystery.

We also appreciate how difficult it can be when choosing colours, especially for first timers and DIY painters.

To help make this a little easier, Bristol Paints Hunter Region offer a FREE 30 Minute Colour Consultation that can be booked at

We also recommend the Coloursmith app, available from Google Play and the Apple App Store; it converts any smartphone’s camera into a colour scanner that can be used anywhere and at any time to create bespoke paint colours by capturing the desired colour of a physical object, surface, or image.

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