Newcastle: Weaving resurgence

The traditional Aboriginal practice of weaving is enjoying a resurgence according to local Aboriginal-owned and operated education and consultancy business Speaking in Colour. As a result, they are now supporting 13 micro-businesses to meet increasing demand for unique, locally-made Aboriginal weaving.

Speaking in Colour Managing Director Cherie Johnson says the revival of this traditional practice has been inspiring and there is now a whole new generation of weavers ready to share it far and wide. “Years ago, when I first started teaching weaving, there were few who had this knowledge.

“But now, many in our community do. I am proud that many in our region have either learnt directly from Speaking in Colour or in turn from people we have taught.

All weaving products purchased through Speaking in Colour include the name of the weaver and the weaver’s country with work in progress to make recorded artist statements available online.

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