Newcastle: Get involved at Calvary Mater

Calvary Mater Newcastle is calling on interested members of the community to join its Consumer Register, a group of present and past patients, family members, carers and members of the public who are engaging on a variety of activities to ensure consumer feedback and opinions are represented within hospital activities and services.

Their input and ideas are invaluable and assist with shaping the services provided and improving the quality of care provided at the Mater.

Kellie Goldsworthy, Director of Mission Integration at Calvary Mater Newcastle said, “New members are always welcome. Commitment levels can vary depending on your interests, the role and your availability.
“It is entirely flexible and tailored to the individual. Participation is voluntary; you can accept or decline any offer made by the hospital to participate and you can ask to be removed from the Consumer Register at any time.

“Members can take on a range of roles, including being involved in the development and review of patient information, for example brochures, leaflets and fact sheets; participating in surveys, focus groups or community consultations; sharing your stories and experiences of health care, joining a hospital working party, reference group or committee.”

To find out more please visit the Calvary Mater Newcastle website and look under ‘Get Involved’ or email