Flavour without hangover: Tamburlaine launches NOLO ranges

The demand for no, or low alcohol beverages, commonly known as ‘NOLO’, is booming. Tamburlaine’s non-traditional, amusingly named ‘Bull in a China Shop’ low alcohol range is designed to appeal to younger drinkers. In keeping with their sustainability philosophy, left-over grape marc is re-used to create the “half cut” Piquette with a low 5% alcohol. It’s super tasty with aromatics and tropical flavours.

The Moscato with 7.5% alcohol has a spritzy natural sweetness. There is also a rosé and a red Petillant Naturel, commonly known as Pet Nat. The wines in this range are light, refreshing and versatile and retail for $20-25.

The ‘Jack Squat’ range, at $16 per bottle, goes a step further by gently removing all the alcohol once the wines have been crafted, leaving natural aromas and flavours. The wines are organic and vegan-friendly with a Pinot Gris, rosé, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Cabernet in the range. The rosé has an appealing orange blossom, with hints of strawberries and cream. The Chardonnay features classic stone fruits with chamomile and French vanilla notes. For red lovers, the Shiraz has attractive plum and red fruits, clove, herbs and a gentle tannin grip on the finish.

Both ranges are available to taste at the Tamburlaine Cellar Door.

Cellar door open 7 days a week. tamburlaine.com.au