Grown not flown

Denise Duffield Thomas loves smelling the roses. She and her best friend Naomi Findlay are passionately committed to continuing the fragrant legacy of Lorn Rose Farm.

Located on 10 acres of fertile land, the Lorn Rose Farm has a special place in the hearts of Maitland locals and beyond. With a history going back to the early 1900s, and a long held reputation for growing some of Australia’s finest roses, it’s no surprise that many hold fond memories of getting their wedding bouquet or anniversary flowers from the farm.

Denise is keenly aware of the responsibility she took on when she bought the farm in 2020. “Imagine to be the one who killed the roses,” Denise exclaims, clearly horrified at the idea. But when looking at the riot of colour, the exquisite blooms on their immaculately pruned rose bushes, that seems an unlikely scenario indeed.

“The Lorn Rose Farm has a rich tradition of producing a variety of roses, including floribundas, climbing roses and their famous signature hybrid teas,” her friend Naomi explains.

An experienced interior designer, she is a vocal advocate of creating naturally flowing spaces that support emotional and physical wellbeing.

“It’s a lot of hard work, and you worry all the time about pests, the weather and anything else that could go wrong. But I love nothing better than coming here, checking on the roses, cutting the most beautiful ones and arranging them in our farm store for people to select their favourite ones to take home.

“There is something to roses that connects you with the earth and the seasons, they are about taking pleasure in the simple things in life. They help you to slow down and to appreciate the beauty of nature. It’s a joy that comes from working hard and creating something truly special.”

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Story by Cornelia Schulze, photography courtesy of Lorn Rose Farm