It’s in the can – Grandis gets innovative

Shannon Burgess-Moore is a highly regarded winemaker and the son of Ian and Debra of Moorebank Wines, who have family winemaking history dating back to the 1830s in the Hunter Valley. Whilst Shannon has a full-time winemaking role, in 2010 he launched a side-hustle wine brand called Grandis, Latin for grape. Shannon pioneered lo-fi or minimal intervention wines in the region and pushes the boundaries of experimentation and innovation.

Whilst glass bottles have been used for wine since the 17th century, a desire for convenience and more sustainable options have led to different formats being explored, including the use of cans. Grandis have just launched wine in a convenient 250ml can. Their Piquette, a wine style which heralds from the French seasonal workers’ drink of choice, uses grape pressing which would otherwise be a waste product.

With a salmon blush it’s aromatic, deliciously fruity and fresh with a fruit tingle effervescence. Shannon explained, “At 5% ABV it’s low in alcohol which is important for today’s health-conscious consumers. The one standard drink per can makes it easy to keep track of how much you drink. Plus, cans are more portable for picnics and can be recycled. It ticks a lot of boxes for what’s at the core of Grandis – alternate varieties, minimal intervention and experimentation.”

In addition, Shannon also makes a funky refreshing Pet Nat (or Petillant Naturel) from a blend of Pinot Gris, Semillon and Merlot which has bold flavours, texture and exuberant bubbles. With just three rows of the variety available, he also makes the Hunter Valley’s only Garganega. It’s a food friendly wine with green apple, quince, almonds and a citrus zing that lifts the palate.

In another first, he’s infused his Montepulciano red wine with ginseng – an ancient Chinese root with rich antioxidant properties.

“It adds complexity and earthiness to the wine and apart from its health benefits, it also acts as a natural preservative,” he shared. With blue fruits, spiced cherries, herbs and a hint of earthiness, this wine is a perfect lunch red. A delicious rosé and Nebbiolo round out the range.

Grandis wines are available online or for tasting at the Moorebank Cellar Door, open daily 10am-5pm, except Tuesday.

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