Newcastle West: Mental Health is everyone’s business

That’s one of the mantras of integrative health and community centre The Base, located at the former Methodist Church in Newcastle West.

Founder Caroline de Vries has created a unique and versatile venue to bring the community together. A space filled with light and plants, not just for clinical work, where poetry and music evenings or movie nights can be held; with a spacious yoga studio, a video conference room, an atmospheric theatre, leafy courtyards, and airy consultation rooms blessed with plenty of greenery.

Her team of clinicians includes mental health occupational therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and family therapists, counsellors, art and yoga therapists. It is a passionate, experienced, and highly skilled group, committed to collaboration with clients and their networks.

They approach each person from the deep understanding that the mental health journey is unique for everyone and provide a client-centred approach, which is evidence based and outcome focused.

Mental health issues occur on a broad spectrum. The Base aim to support prevention by providing opportunities for communities to connect and celebrate art, sports, games and learning while also offering clinical care via a mental health rehabilitation model.

Part of their commitment is The Base Community, a not-for-profit organisation with a focus on strengthening the social fabric and enabling inclusion by providing individuals and families with tools for sustainable wellness.

By spreading this spirit of collaboration throughout the community and beyond, the team aims to facilitate social change that creates happier and more sustainable futures.

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