Central Coast – Is photography the hobby for you?

People become interested in photography for various reasons. It might be a major life event, such as a new baby, a wedding, or a special birthday that sparks their interest beyond the occasional snap or selfie. Their smartphone camera might just not be good enough or it simply sounds like an interesting hobby.
For anyone who has a digital camera and wants to improve their photography knowledge, Long Jetty Over 50s Club has a three-week program covering specific topics, starting with the best methods to gain interesting images, but also offering insights on how to pursue a particular topic, on digital cameras and presenting and discussing each participant’s best shots. Probably the most pleasing activity for members is providing personal photos for enlargement and mounting (which they do themselves with special cardboard and cutting instruments) and display in the dining area of the club. The displays are changed each term for the enjoyment of all club members.

For further info about the photography course and the club’s many other activities please visit longjettyover50s.com.au or check out their Facebook page.