Newcastle – Giggle and Learn

Alexandra (Alex) Mangano has launched Giggle and Learn by Jack the Silly-Yak, an informative, free online mini series, filled with creative tips and tricks for kids living with coeliac disease.
Alex herself was diagnosed with the condition at the age of 13. Her personal experience inspired her 2021 children’s book Jack the Silly-Yak to spread awareness and create representation for Aussie kids living this chronic illness.
Alex commented, “coeliac disease is about more than having to eat the forever growing popular gluten free foods. Children in particular face a new world of second guessing, having to put trust in strangers and growing up faster than usual to ensure they remain healthy and food safe!”
With this new series, kids and families all around Australia can meet Jack and Alex anywhere and anytime as they watch, create and play.

For more info go to or @jackthesillyyak on Facebook and Instagram.