Newcastle West – The Palace

With authentic Filipino flavours and friendly, personable service, The Palace is the latest addition to the ever growing dining scene in Newcastle West. It’s a cuisine based on the food traditions of the archipelago’s many different ethnic groups, influenced by Chinese, Spanish and American flavours and typically offers a combination of sweet, sour and salty flavours.

Owner Vicki Fernandez and her daughter Lovely offer a variety of traditional dishes like beef calderata, a savoury beef stew cooked with potatoes, capsicum, carrot and green peas, or a chicken or pork adobo, a vinegar and soy sauce-based stew with garlic, onion, black pepper and capsicum. Another favourite is the beef or crispy pork kare-kare, simmered in a peanut-based sauce with a side of shrimp paste The BYO venue is already gaining significant traction, so bookings are highly recommended.

Open seven days 11am – 3pm and 5.30pm – 9pm.