The ultimate guide to buying a ceiling fan with Alstra Lighting

Not sure where to start with your new ceiling fan purchase? The following will get you started, but ultimately a trip to see Kylie and the team at Alstra Lighting will help you find the perfect match.
Start with the location.

Different room types with varying dimensions and indoor/outdoor locations all come into consideration when selecting ceiling fans for your home. Living areas tend to allow for a larger diameter fan compared to bedrooms due to physical size, but also because of thoughts around lighting and how the fan will be controlled. A lot of fans now come with ABS plastic blades and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In coastal locations make sure your fans will stand the test of elements.

What is the perfect airflow for yourself and your space?
“One of the most common misconceptions is that the number of blades determine a fan’s airflow,” Kylie explains. “But the size of the motor, the RPM and the size, shape, material, aerodynamics and pitch of its blades also have an impact.”

However, the style of a fan, how you use a space and the climate you live in are important as well.
What’s better: AC or DC ceiling fans?

“This is the choice most customers come up against first when visiting us in-store” says Kylie. Over the last five years customers have had a choice between AC and DC operated fans. There are pros and cons to both.

AC fans are generally more cost effective and have a low rate of failure as manufacturing has been honed for many years. If they fail, it’s usually not because of the motor. DC fans are more energy efficient, operate more quietly and generally cost a little more. The smaller size of DC motors gives manufacturers more flexibility for their designs.

Alstra Lighting have more than 30 ceiling fans on display at their Beresfield location. Start your journey here but be sure to finish in their showroom, to find your perfect fan.

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