Distilling after dark – Bimbadgen gets into the spirit

Bimbadgen have installed an impressive, high-tech 400 litre copper pot distillery, imported from Germany, to create a new range of high-quality spirits, called “Night Merchant”. The name refers to the fact that once Bimbadgen wine work finishes for the day, it evolves into a distillery after hours. It’s been a 10-year passion for Bimbadgen winemaker Richard Done who uses a three-litre copper still to test and ensure they perfect their product before distilling their small batch spirits.

After a successful trial of the gin last year, Night Merchant has launched with a signature gin and vodka, with big plans to extend the range. Vodka is traditionally a neutral spirit, but the Night Merchant has been infused with sandalwood, giving it an exotic aroma with a creamy complex texture and smooth finish. This vodka is versatile and can be served straight over ice, with soda or used in cocktails.

With the Night Merchant Signature Gin, Richard first benchmarked against local and international gins and decided on a citrus driven flavour profile. Local native finger lime is the hero ingredient plus blood orange, Tasmanian pepperberry and, of course, juniper and coriander amongst the 12 botanicals. The citrus gives the palate a lovely freshness with florals and a well-balanced, soft, clean finish.

Both spirits retail for $78 and can be tasted at their cellar door or purchased online at bimbadgen.com.au.